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  • Nairobi, Kenya.
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About us

Welcome to Christian Best Camps of Kenya (CBCK) non-denominational faith-based organization legally registered in Kenya since 2010 providing hope, faith and opportunity to all those that they serve in Love.
We believe the family is the basic unit of a society. Investing in families brings lasting solutions to the challenges they face.
Christian Best Camps of Kenya is located in Mugumoini ward, Langata constituency in Nairobi County.

CBCK Leadership Team

Erick and Yasmine Simba
Founders and Directors of CBCK
Marsha Carr and Jim Carr
Pennsylvania State
Jeff Hartle
South Carolina
Nelly Kagoru
Quality and Service assurance
Frank Saville
Pennsylvania State
Pastor D. Wayne Lasure and Katy Lasure
Pennsylvania State
Joseph Okelo
Dane Werley
Pennsylvania State

Our Guiding Principles

Donations Households supported




Girls and women supported with pads.


Helped Children